medin® trademarks

The list below contains trademarks belonging to medin medical Innovations GmbH, Germany. The trademarks listed are either the subject of pending applications or registered trademarks in at least one of the major market countries of the afore-mentioned entities. Please note that all the trademarks can be searched for online in the public trademark data bases of national and regional intellectual property offices under the specified registration or application numbers and trademarks (see links below).

This list is updated periodically. Failure of a trademark to appear on this page does not mean that the trademark is not in use by Hamilton Medical AG or any of the entities mentioned above, nor does it mean that the product is not being actively marketed or is not significant within its respective market.

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Word marks

Registered 009775446
Registered 1309570
Registered 013047121, 014447387
Registered 016243404
Registered 013047071
Registered 1307508
Registered 013047246
Registered 009775602
Registered 1191056


Third party trademarks

Product and/or company names marked with a § may be the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Named trademarks of third parties are: 

H900 (Hamilton Medical AG, Switzerland)
Registered 016028565
Pending 1828178, 912456205, 912456221, 79215796 US, 1363696