medinBlender 1090

Gas blender for compressed air and O2

  • High degree of accuracy at low flow rates
  • Continuous oxygen adjustment from 21% to 100%
  • Double flow meter: Flow adjustment from 0 to 15 l/min and 0 to 3.5 l/min
  • Alarm system in the event of a decrease in pressure 
  • Bleed flow can be switched off 

Gas blender for all applications

The medinBlender1090 is a mechanical gas blender with two integrated flow meters (0-15 L/min and 0-3.5 L/min) for nCPAP, BubbleCPAP therapy and high-flow applications in neonatology and pediatrics as well as conventional oxygen therapy in adults. 

The 3.5 LPM flow meter enables precise and finely adjustable oxygen and flow values which are especially important during use on premature infants and newborns. The inlet pressure for air and oxygen is between 3.5 and 6 bar (50psi). Connection to the central gas supply and to oxygen and compressed air bottles is possible. 

The bleed flow function required in the low-flow range can be switched off in standby or in the high-flow range.

The versatility of the medinBlender1090 is seen in the combination options: 

  • Oxygen therapy
  • EasyCPAP therapy with the Medijet generator
  • BubbleCPAP with Miniflow interface or Pediflow NIV mask
  • nHFT therapy with medin high-flow cannula


Operator's manuals & user guides

medinBlender Instructions for use

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Important note

Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your medin representative for details.