Passive nCPAP interface with continious flow

  • Compatible with many ventilators and BubbleCPAP systems
  • Minimal dead space
  • Flexible adapter for positioning prong and mask
  • Patented flextubes for easy application
  • Low noise level

Modern NIV therapy

Miniflow is our interface for CPAP/NIV therapy using conventional ventilators. The interface is connected with the inspiratory and expiratory branches of the tubing system with the ventilator or flow source.

Combining Miniflow with ventilators enables CPAP therapy and non-invasive ventilation modes such as NIPPV. In this way, the therapy parameters are controlled as usual via the ventilator.  As needed, pressure measurement near the patient can be connected to the Miniflow. The single-use interface allows all forms and modes of modern NIV therapy for premature infants and newborns.  

Use with ventilators

You can use Miniflow with a variety of ventilators from various manufacturers. Miniflow is the interface of choice for all devices from Hamilton Medical, Maquet and SLE. 

Miniflow uses the same prongs, masks and bonnets as Medijet. We thus offer a complete range of CPAP products from a single source. 

A)   Inspiration
B)   Expiration
C)   Separating wall
D)   Adjustable prong adapter

Miniflow and BubbleCPAP systems

In combination with our BubbleCPAP system, the Miniflow makes it possible to have a simple and affordable nCPAP therapy solution. We recommend the use of external pressure monitoring. 


Operator's manuals & user guides

medin Miniflow Instructions for use

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Lipsten, Ellina et al.; Work of Breathing during Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in Preterm Infants; Journal of Perinatology 2005, 25:453–458

Important note

Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your medin representative for details.