HAMILTON-H900. Active humidification

HAMILTON-H900 - Advanced humidification HAMILTON-H900 - Advanced humidification

Breathing circuit set for neonates and pediatrics

The preassembled breathing circuit sets for neonatal and pediatic patients is specially designed for even your smallest patients up to approximately 15 kg.

It can be used for up to 28 days per patient and include a temperature probe, water refill tube, Y-piece, and water chamber. The detachable, unheated extension allows for use in incubators. 

Dual limb and single limb sets are available as single-use or autoclavable items.

Heater wires integrated directly into the circuit wall

Wall-heated breathing circuits

HAMILTON-H900 breathing circuit sets have the heater wires integrated directly into the circuit wall. This eliminates the cold interface between the heated breathing gas and ambient temperatures.

Consistent heating of the gas pathway to the patient helps maintain a set temperature level and thus optimize the patient's physiologic condition.

HAMILTON-H900; setting the chamber exit temperature

Manual or auto adjustment of settings

You can set the chamber exit temperature and gradient manually, or use our specially developed auto mode with default settings for each therapy.

All the information such as settings and related monitoring values is visible on the main display. There's no need to search through menus.