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Bonnets for single-use

Our bonnets are made of biocompatible microfibers and are individually packaged and available in eight sizes. The particularly soft and elastic material protects the head without deforming it. The fixation bands for prongs and masks attach anywhere to the bonnet and can thus be individually positioned.

The bonnet is the basis for the application of the entire nCPAP system since it ensures the necessary stability.

Our single-use bonnets have a foam wedge secured in the middle which accommodates the nCPAP generator Medijet or the nCPAP interface Miniflow and effectively reduces the tension which may develop due to the position of the tubing system.


Masks and prongs

Our high-quality masks and prongs are suitable for single use in combination with Medijet and Miniflow. Made from biocompatible silicone material, they offer a high degree of comfort. Both products are available in different sizes to offer anatomically optimized shapes


Circuit sets

Our tubing sets have been specially developed for single use in combination with Medijet and Miniflow.

Both products are very well tolerated by premature infants and newborns and are equally effective in application.