• Adult, pediatric, and neonatal humidification

    The HAMILTON-H900 humidifier provides active humidification for adults and pediatrics, as well as for your smallest patients. A special breathing circuit set with a detachable, unheated extension allows for use in incubators.

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  • Wall-heated, all-in-one breathing circuit sets

    The breathing circuit sets for the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier integrate the heater wires into the circuit wall. This eliminates the cold interface between heated breathing gas and ambient temperatures, and leads to significantly reduced condensation in the breathing circuit. This, in turn, ensures a consistently heated gas pathway to the patient, ensuring the desired temperature and set level of humidity is maintained.

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  • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings

    As every patient is different and environmental conditions vary, the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier allows for manual adjustment of the chamber exit temperature and the temperature gradient in the circuit. You can adapt the humidification therapy to suit the individual patient and surroundings. This ensures gas is delivered at the required rate of humidity and reduces the risk of condensation forming in the circuit.

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  • Integrated temperature probe

    The cable-free breathing circuit sets include an integrated temperature probe and electrical connections to save extra work. 

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  • One-handed operation

    The breathing circuit can be installed with just one hand and incorporates the temperature probe and heater wires that connect automatically on installation. There are no extra cables to connect, and you simply need to slide the water chamber into the humidifier, connect the breathing circuit to the patient and connect a water source to the water chamber.

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  • Preassembled and ready to use

    An innovation of the HAMILTON-H900 is that it comprises only two components: The wall-heated breathing circuit set and the humidifier base. This saves time and facilitates handling of the humidifier, as well as reducing the risk of contamination. The breathing circuit sets can be used for up to 28 days per patient.

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  • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface

    Due to the ergonomic design, the user interface can easily be seen and operated from a standing position. All settings and related monitoring values are visible without searching through menus. A large, high-contrast LCD display, bright alarm lamp, and audible alarm alert you if user interaction is required.

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  • Automatic connection checks and water-level detection

    The HAMILTON-H900 automatically checks each tube connection, as well as identifying the water chamber and circuit types. In addition, the humidifier automatically detects high and low water levels, and generates an alarm when it is running low on water. Ensuring the patient is ventilated with appropriate humidification protects the functionality of mucociliary clearance.

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  • Remote access to humidifier controls and status*

    The ventilator connectivity option allows you to operate the humidifier using any compatible Hamilton Medical ventilator. All the controls, monitoring parameters, and alarms are available, and can be set as required from the ventilator. Full integration of humidifier monitoring into patient data management systems is also provided.

    When used with a compatible ventilator, the humidifier can automatically select the humidification mode (invasive or noninvasive) based on the selected ventilation mode.

    * not available in all markets

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Important note

Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your Hamilton Medical representative for details.