• nCPAP mode

    When using nCPAP, the patient must be able to breathe spontaneously, since no breaths are administered. The continuous positive pressure ensures stabilization of the airways and lungs.

    nCPAP is the most commonly used mode of non-invasive respiratory support in premature infants and newborns and is the basis of some further variants, such as NIPPV, SNIPPV and nHFV.

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  • ApneaCPAP mode

    Apnea is detected by MediTRIG. As a result, breaths are automatically triggered to stimulate breathing. Frequency, pressure level and breath duration can be individually adjusted.


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    In addition to the PEEP, breaths with fixed settings (pressure level, duration, frequency) are administered. These breaths have a higher pressure level and are not emitted in a synchronized manner.

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    Mode which is synchronized with the patient's spontaneous breathing with the aid of MediTRIG. With his/her inspiration, the patient can trigger an assisted breath which supports inspiration with flow and pressure.

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  • nHFO – nasal High Frequency Ventilation

    nHFV combines the benefits of high-frequency ventilation and non-invasive CPAP support. The patient breathes spontaneously with CPAP support. A special valve shifts the air flow in all phases of spontaneous breathing under high-frequency oscillations (300 to 1200/minute).

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  • MediTRIG

    The MediTRIG respiratory trigger was specially developed by medin for use in premature infants and newborns. Through the combination of the pressure measurement in the Medijet® generator and the signal processing in the medin nCPAP devices, MediTRIG works without additional sensors.

    MediTRIG detects central as well as obstructive apnea.

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