medinCNOmini. nCPAP and high flow oxygen therapy

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Product benefits

  • All basic modes for NIV respiratory support
  • HFNC-mode and nCPAP in one device
  • Apnea monitoring
  • MediTRIG: Integrated trigger and apnea monitoring without additional sensor
  • Leakage compensation
This video describes the key functions of our medinCNOmini. Please use this video to get an idea of the machine and its options for neonatal CPAP care. Videos about how to use the machine will follow soon.

Comprehensive non-invasive respiratory support

medinCNOmini offers the basic nCPAP and high-flow functions of a modern CPAP device.

In addition, the device has a special ApneaCPAP mode. With the aid of the MediTRIG respiratory trigger, the spontaneous breathing is detected near the patient and without any additional sensors. MediTRIG can be individually adapted to the patient’s spontaneous breathing. In the event of apnea, the patient’s inspiration is stimulated through automatically activated mechanical breaths.

For your patient

Режимы nCPAP для маленьких пациентов

В режимах nCPAP от вас требуется только одно – установить желаемое давление CPAP. Поток будет регулироваться в зависимости от состояния пациента и потенциальных утечек. Это предотвращает непреднамеренное образование пикового давления, гарантирует эффективную компенсацию утечек и помогает снизить потребление кислорода. Регуляция потока происходит быстро благодаря высокой чувствительности измерения давления.

ApneaCPAP mode

Apnea is detected by MediTRIG. As a result, breaths are automatically triggered to stimulate breathing. Frequency, pressure level and breath duration can be individually adjusted.


In addition to the PEEP, breaths with fixed settings (pressure level, duration, frequency) are administered. These breaths have a higher pressure level and are not emitted in a synchronized manner.

nasal High Flow Therapy

nHFT describes the supply of heated and humidified breathing gas via a nasal cannula. The gas flow administered is thus higher than the patient’s inspiratory respiratory flow. In neonatology, a flow of more than 1 LPM is considered to be high-flow therapy, while for adults, correspondingly higher values should be applied.


The MediTRIG respiratory trigger was specially developed by medin for use in premature infants and newborns. Through the combination of the pressure measurement in the Medijet® generator and the signal processing in the medin nCPAP devices, MediTRIG works without additional sensors.

MediTRIG detects central as well as obstructive apnea.

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